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Saving children

60 Minutes long documentary film, presented by Richard Gere, directed by: Nimrod Shanit, depicting the tale of three Palestinian babies born with serious heart disorder which cannot be treated in Palestine. The babies along with their parents travel to Israel and confront their worst fears, only to find out that the Israeli doctors are fighting to save them. The film was shown on Israel's Channel 8, La7 Italy and in numerous European film festivals.


Our first feature film produced in collaboration with TSR Switzerland, and directed by Igaal Nidam. The film won several awards in Europe and was shown on Israel Channel 1.

Mabatim Elija's treasure

Elija was one of the first Armenian photographers to have documented Palestine with a stills camera. When he passed away he left dozens of negatives stowed in his attic. Two decades later his son brings those amazing photos back to life from within his small store in the unchanged Jerusalem's old city. The film directed by Nimrod Shanit, is part of the Mabatim project screened at the 2005 Jerusalem film festival.

No safe place

"No Safe Place" examines six families whose lives were torn apart by terrorism. Narrated by Emmy Award winning actor Kelsey Grammer, and directed by Nimrod Shanit for JTN, this gripping documentary tells the powerful story of men, women and children who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time

The escape artists

The Escape Artists is a movie about the journey of Miri, an Israeli performance artist, who joins her husband in a life with a Belgian traveling circus. Miri gives up a life of comfort and moves into an 8 meter square caravan to live and work with Adrian. The movie tells a very delicate story of relationship, struggle and self fulfillment in the magical world of the circus. Nominated for best documentary at the Jerusalem's 2004 film festival

Voice of tears


Matisyahu - Video Clip

 Video clip we produced to Matisyahu. Photographer - Sefi Hirsch