Locations Israel

"The Land of Milk and Honey"

From the sandy Mediterranean beaches, green forests and fields along the verdant coastal plain, to the rolling hills of the Galilee, the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon, the desolate wasteland of the Dead Sea, the desert plains and the rocky hills of the Negev, and the dramatic red granite mountain range boarding the Red Sea; Israel has it all within a few hours drive. This variety is also found in Israel's urban settings. Jerusalem is one of the world's religious centers and is full of winding roads and alleys, Middle Eastern bazaars and many historical sites. Tel Aviv is a bustling modern city dotted with skyscrapers and sidewalk cafes. Caesarea offers Roman ruins. We know where, how, and when to film in each of these breathtaking locations as well as what permits are required to shoot there. Our experience and knowledge of the country allows us to obtain the ideal footage for our productions.