“You'll be in great hands! Nimrod & Zed are very professional and have extensive experience and connections to deal with your production needs.

We produced a documentary on victims of terrorism in Israel with Zed that Nimrod directed. They provided a great crew & helped arrange a great deal of the production. You only need to look at their own

work to see the high degree of professionalism they bring to their productions.”

Harvey Lehrer
JTN Productions

Days That Shook The World. Lion Television for BBC. Dominic Gallagher. Director.

"Filming in Jerusalem was an amazing experience. The city and its surroundings provide one of the most visually spectacular and instantly recognisable locations in the world, and we had no problem filming at the most iconic sites: the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, and in the Old City streets.

Our film recounted the events of the Six Day War of 1967. Naturally, I was concerned that continuing political tensions might make retelling this story difficult, but the professionalism of our Israeli associates and crew, as well as local Israeli and Palestinian actors, really helped to smooth the process. I was delighted with the results.

I wouldn't hesitate to shoot in Israel again, and would thoroughly recommend Zed Films as a local partner to overseas productions."

Mosaic Eye - Veridiana Carvalho
In 2006, I contracted Zed Films as Field Producer for a documentary about a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our experience with Zed Films was extremely positive and exceed all expectations.

I was deeply impressed not only by their efficiency but also by the level of care and commitment to our team from Australia.

Zed Films provided us a list of professional, each one with amazing resumes and showreels which made easy the process of selecting our Israeli crew, from Sydney.

Zed Films also organized all the permits and authorizations necessary to film beforehand in public places and offered us an invaluable guidance on how to organize our shooting schedule from city to city.

As in all productions, there came up some news ideas & improvisation on the script, while we were there. Zed Films rose up to the occasion, offering quick solutions, which made it possible for us to let our creativity flow unimpeded. Their crew went out of their way to assist us in all occasions.

During our stay in Israel, the Australian team felt very safe. There weren’t any incidents in which we felt our lives were in danger. It also surprised us to see Israelis, Palestinians and Christians relating with each other in dear friendship, being that on streets, hotels and restaurants. We then realized how much the world news about Israel is not consistent with the reality of what is going on there, causing much fear to potential tourists and film crews.

I have traveled to Israel 4 times, in perfect safety. When the subject of danger comes up, I enthusiastically take the opportunity to lessen the fear of many friends about visiting there. I have plans to take my children to Israel for holidays and most definitely I will pay a visit to Ninrod Shanit, in Tel Aviv.

By the time we left Israel, Zed Films crew became our friends and not only temporary colleagues. Since then, I have recommend Zed Films and productions in Israel, with total confidence.