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 eyeSight’s Technology powers Touch Free UI Solutions which enhance the User Experience while operating devices and applications.
These UI solutions enable users to use natural hand gestures to control devices and applications.

Extreme Reality

 XTR3D enables consumer electronic devices with Gesture Control Interface and Motion Capture for Gaming using software only, using a single standard 2D camera. By “device” we mean ANY DEVICE as long there’s a camera attached to it. By camera we mean, ANY CAMERA.

Extreme Reality

Control laptops, applications, and play motion capture games, using the laptop’s integrated (standard) camera, based on XTR 3D motion capture software engine.


Security in the Hands of the Public
The right information at the right time saves lives.
The ideal one–to-many mass notification and alert solution to reach millions of people in real-time and communicate with the public in emergency and critical situations

Extreme Reality 3D

 XTR3D software enables consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs with a full body gesture control interface and 3D motion capture using a single standard 2D camera


 EyeSight's groundbreaking Touch Free user interface allows users to control devices using simple hand gestures.


PrimeSense’s technology empowers consumer electronic devices, such as TVs, set-top boxes, living-room PCs and more with natural interaction capabilities

Ormat LNG

Ormat develops green, sustainable energy solutions. Through the development of pioneering technology, re-injecting geothermal heat resources back into the earth.


Marketing corporate identity film for SLE, Teva group subsidiary company.

Mobileye launch movie

Mobileye harnesses advanced vision analysis technology to prevent and mitigate vehicle collisions

LIS hospital

Lis Maternity Hospital, is one of the three largest obstetrics and gynecology hospitals in central Israel.

Siemens Train

In recent years Israel Railways corporation ltd. has been spearheading a revolution in the transportation system in Israel. The Siemens train is one of the new measures taken

Starling advanced communications

Starling's revolutionary flat panel antenna technology opens up a new world of possibilities for broadband connectivity while on the move.

The Untouchables

Leomek Hatodah advertising agency presentation at the Globes convention 2009

Image ID

ImageID is a leading provider of imaging-based traceability products & solutions.

Ormat - REG

Ormat Technologies is in the recycling business, "recycling" otherwise unused heat energy to produce electricity.

Microsoft- Israel

The goal of this program is to provide and empower women, underserved youth and people with disability in Israel with training in the IT skills that they need to compete in today's knowledge society


Solel is an Israeli solar thermal equipment designer and manufacturer. Solel makes equipment for solar thermal power plants, that use the sun's heat to create steam and turn to electricity.