Film incentives

Why Film in Israel?

Israel offers film producers a cost-effective, all inclusive opportunity for world-class filmmaking, comprised of an attractive tax benefit package, a compact yet extremely diverse environment, highly professionals crews, a complete range of the highest quality filmmaking facilities, and first rate infrastructure.

Amazing Locations

Israel brings together the geography, people and culture of Europe, Asia, and Africa all in one place.

At a little more than 22,000 sq km, Israel’s diverse yet compact geography and eight months of sunshine make it an ideal location for filming.

From sandy Mediterranean beaches and green forests and fields along the verdant costal plain, to the rolling hills of the Galilee, the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon, the desolate wasteland of the Dead Sea, the desert plains and rocky hills of the Negev, and the dramatic red granite mountain range boarding the Red Sea, Israel has it all within a few hours drive.

This variety is also reflected in the country’s urban settings. Jerusalem, one of the world’s religious centers, offers both Middle Eastern bazaars as well as areas reminiscent of the winding streets and alleys of quaint European towns and cities, while Tel Aviv is a bustling modern city dotted with skyscrapers and sidewalk cafes reminiscent of Italy and France. Similarly Acre is a walled Mediterranean city with a classic charm, while Caesarea offers Roman ruins equivalent to those found in Italy.

Israel’s architecture reflects a seemingly endless mix of styles and influences from every stage of recorded history, with Roman aqueducts and biblical landscapes telling the story of the country’s rich historic legacy. Classical, Middle Eastern, Byzantine: there is almost no style of design and architecture that cannot be found in Israel to fit the period of any film.

Modern Infrastructure

Israel offers you modern conveniences including:

• Well developed highway system built to international standards
• Large selection of first class hotels throughout the country
• First class international airport with frequent flight to the major cities worldwide
• State of the art communications system
• World renowned high-tech expertise

Professional Crew and Cast

Israel offers a unique opportunity to cast actors and extras from its abundantly diverse population with roots in over 100 countries covering Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia.

Most of the population speaks English and a great number of Israelis are also fluent in a variety of other languages including Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German, to name a few.

Israel’s highly trained, multi-lingual technicians and crews have vast experience in international productions shot in Israel and abroad.

World-Class Equipment and Production Facilities

Israel offers foreign filmmakers a full array of production services including equipment, studios and equipment package deals. The country contains upwards of 120 productions companies, 10 production studios, and 30 post production facilities.

Israeli production companies have years of experience and are highly proficient at providing both complete and partial production services, including location scouting, production management, equipment, costume design, props, special effects, etc.

Finance and Banking

Israel offers financial frameworks broadly in line with those of Europe and the United States. Israel’s well-established banking system meets the most advanced international banking standards and offers top-quality international banking services, through its affiliation with banks worldwide.

The world’s top accounting firms have a local office in Israel as well.

The Law of the Encouragement of the Production of Films was approved by the Israeli Knesset on October 28th, 2008. The main aim of the law is to encourage the production of foreign films in Israel. To this end, the law offers generous tax benefits that reduce the cost of production by up to 20%.

So come film in Israel, a place that provides opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world!