"Channel 1" And "Yes Productions"
We are working on 2 new documentry films these days- "saving uncle Jacob" and "The hooly Kibbuts". channel 1 and "yes" a Co-producing on those films! we are now on the filming phase. 

A brand New Film is out for "Evigilo".. Here or on facebook

Western Galilee hospital
The WGH launched a new website, A video we produced for them apears on their homepage.. See it here


New brand films for Extreme Reality, an innovator in gesture recognition techonolgy. The products enable the control of electronic devices hands free using motion capture from the regular built in camera. Check out the new videos on Zed’s Films, Branding.. Enjoy.

An article about XTR

Our video Produced for Eyesight apears on "The Marker" article about the company- 
You can see it here

MWC - Mobile World Congress
On February 2011, the Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona for new innovations ine the field of mobility. Zed films is proud to present its latest films presented at the congress for leading recognition motion capture companies : eyeSight, XTR and PrimeSense.

Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene interactive video
The filming phase of the interactive educational tool for the IOSH was completed and is currently in post-production. This is the third film of its kind