Zed’s Services

“Israel Made Easy”

Israel has become an increasingly popular location for International film productions. The diverse yet compact geography makes it ideal. There are many things that Israel has to offer and having the right connections can be crucial to the success of a production. At Zed Films we offer an all inclusive solution to save our clients time and money while ensuring the production runs smoothly. We provide a wide range of services including preproduction, research, location scouts, film permits, fixers, casting, crew, equipment, security and editing. Our technicians and crew are highly trained professionals that are multilingual and have extensive experience with international projects. High end and up-to-date film and video equipment for almost every use are available on daily or weekly basis.


Zed Films can facilitate all your pre-production needs. Before the shoot, we can provide filming permits and any necessary information you may need. We will also advise you on any potential circumstances, like time constraints due to local holidays or special security arrangements, that may factor into your shooting schedule. Zed Films will do all the needed local research to make sure no extra money is spent and no unforeseen problems arise. We take care of all fixing duties, like coordinating with the crew, handling gear, and dealing with logistics. Our services will make sure that you make the most of each filming day and do all the necessary preparations to make for the best final product possible.


With our extensive preproduction efforts, we make the actual production run as smoothly as possible. But of course, not everything can be predicted, so our experienced crews are always capable of dealing with any situation to help create the product that you want. We have access to the latest film and video equipment to ensure that your project looks the way you want it to, and we also are well-connected with local production studios where you can create high quality material on set. Whether it's on location in Israel or in front of a green green, our production crew has the experience and ability to make the highest quality content that you could ask for.


At Zed Films, we have a comprehensive archives library that contains video of popular locations throughout Israel as well as major political and historical events. Our post-production facilities include offline and online editing suites, including 3D and motion graphics suites.

With Zed's services, filming in Israel is made easy. We enable you access to all that Israel has to offer without any of the hassle involved in filming in a foreign country.